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H&P’s product consists of a flexible and fully portable unit comprising a base consisting of individually powered and controlled cells that produce a radio frequency, electromagnetic radiation, a magnetic field, or a current-voltage signal for healing purposes. The cells may have self-contained controls or be remote-controlled. The unit may contain only one type of cell or it may be made up of a combination of radiation and signal producing cells. The cells may be of any shape, any size and may be combinations thereof of variable shapes and sizes. The base may be applied with the cells facing the wound, or encircling a limb. The type of radiation, frequency, pulse characteristics, repetition rate and signal density of the energy are varied according to the size and type of the wound to be treated and according to the proximity of each cell to the wounded tissue. Sensors would be incorporated into the base to measure the dose of the treatment, the temperature of the treated area, blood pressure or other relevant parameters.

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H&P Medical Research, Inc. is a privately held medical technology company focused on developing and marketing proprietary technology and products for use in wound healing, pain management and tissue repair.

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