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Management Experience

H&P’s management team has experienced members in business and research making it a great combination for a firm that is involved in bringing latest technology to the medical device market. Dr. Pandelisev, the CEO, has contributed more than 40 articles to scientific and technical journals and proceedings and now has more than 100 patents granted or pending in the USA and abroad. Tim Hensen will serve as Vice President for Engineering. His initial work with Dr. Pandelisev will be the basis for various products in key market segments. The Company is in the process of hiring an extended management team and is in discussions with several people. We have not mentioned their names as the discussions are still in progress. Below is the biography of Dr. Pandelisev, who is the main force behind this Company.

Dr. Kiril Pandelisev , Founder and CEO

Prior to entering the world of business, Dr. Pandelisev was a teacher and researcher in physics and material sciences for over twenty years. He has contributed more than 40 articles to scientific and technical journals and proceedings and now has more than 100 patents granted or pending in the USA and abroad. He is author of several textbooks in physics at a high school and university level. Many of his books first published in early 1980’s have been used as textbooks for over 20 years.

His scientific and technical contributions relate to all aspects of the crystal growth process and materials purification, crystals and devices for medical imaging, crystals and devices for oil well exploration, fiber optics technology, new process for fused silica for 157nm applications and fiber optics, silicon based products aimed at small geometry devices produced through 193 and 157nm wafer processing applications, and many other areas related to the microchip equipment manufacturing and chip processing.

He has worked with St. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje, Arizona State University, Johnson-Matthey Corporation, and Horiba Instruments Corporation. He was a recipient of the Fund for Young Talents of Yugoslavia Scholarship for Macedonia for Bachelor of Science studies in physics in 1969, the Fund for Young Talents of Macedonia for graduate studies in 1974, and a Fulbright Scholarship in 1979 to come to Arizona State University as an exchange scientist for a period of three years. In March of 1984, Dr. Pandelisev under a scholarship from the International Institute for Theoretical Physics in Italy spent 4 months there. While there, he was offered a position at the Italian National Laboratory in Frascati and a position at Arizona State University for Autonomous Crystal Growth of GaAs as part of the Strategic Initiative project. Dr. Pandelisev accepted the offer from ASU and from 1985 to 1988, and led a team for experimental realization of autonomous growth of gallium arsenide crystals under a USAF/DARPA grant. From 1988-1990, as an extension of this work he participated in the USAF-Canadian Government joint research effort on large charge crystal growth of gallium arsenide.

Dr. Pandelisev was elected as a member of the American Physical Society, Society of Nuclear Medicine, and American Association for Crystal Growth. The Institute for Electrical and Electronic Engineers, The New York Academy of Sciences, The International Society for Optical Engineering (SPIE), The American Association for Advancement of Science, The Materials Research Society, and other scientific organizations.

Dr. Pandelisev obtained his Doctor of Science (Sc.D.) in Physics in 1984 under Prof. Edward Y. Wang, Arizona State University, his Master of Science in Physics of thin films in 1976 under Prof. D-r Slavco Bahcevandziev, University Ciril and Metodius, and his Bachelor of Science in Applied Physics in 1973 with Diploma Thesis under Prof. D-r Radko Janev, Tehnical University in Vienna and member of the Macedonian Academy and Sciences.


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